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Room usage and explanation of the Point System

  • Rooms

We have 22 reservable executive style rooms of various sizes and furnishings, which can be used for all your business needs such as desk work, meetings, conferences etc.
All of our rooms are furnished with modern office furniture, and high speed internet connections, just bring your PC and plug in!
We would be delighted to give you a tour of our facilities.

  • Room Usage Point System

At Ginza Business Center we use a point system.
Your monthly basic fee entitles you to 20 points to be used towards room usage.
Details of point System:
Rooms for up to 6 people for 1 hour = 1 point
Rooms for 8-10 people for 1 hour = 2 points
Large room for up to 16 people for 1 hour = 4 points
If you exceed the 20 points included in the monthly basic fee you will be billed in 0.25 point increments.
Price per 0.25 Point is 440 JPY (Usage exceeding 20 Points)

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We are the hospitality minded and service oriented rental office company.

  • Receptionist Services

Every time you enter Ginza Business Center you will be greeted by one of our receptionists.
Your guests and visitors will also be greeted by our reception staff.
Our staff will show your guest directly to your room.

  • Secretarial Services

Telephone and Answering Services
Every Ginza Business Center member is designated their own exclusive company telephone number and voice mail system.
Between the hours of 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday incoming calls to your exclusive telephone number will be answered by one of our secretaries using your company name and greeting.
We will notify you of all calls received by your preferred method, be it e-mail or telephone.
Incoming calls to your exclusive telephone number after 18:00 will be answered automatically by your voice mail system.
We will receive all your company parcels and mail and hold them as confidential until you arrive at Ginza Business Center.
While away from Ginza Business Center you will be notified of all mail and parcels received.
We also offer mail and parcel forwarding services.

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Prime Location, High Standard, High Standing. Virtual Office + Hourly Spaces, Furnished Service Offices.

Located just 2 minutes from Ginza station on the corner of Namiki St. and Miyuki St. is the landmark Ginza Fugetsud Building.
We will provide your company a business address in Ginza which may be used as your registered business address in Japan.
Ginza Address will enhance both your company's value and reputation.
We will also provide your company with an exclusive telephone and fax number which may be printed on your business cards, brochures and published on your company website.

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We are a Service and Hospitality Company not merely an office rental company.