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Executive Office GINZA


  • What sets Executive Office Ginza apart from other rental office companies?
  • We are a service and hospitality company not merely an office rental company.
  • Can Executive Office Ginza accomodate non-Japanese speaking customers?
  • We have several bilingual staff members who can assist you.
  • Who can join Executive Office Ginza?
  • Both corporations and independent contractors can join Executive Office Ginza.
    If you have not yet established your company we can assist you by referring you to highly experienced companies in business establishment in Japan.
  • What type of clientele do you have?
  • Our clientele come from a wide range of industries both Japanese and foreign based companies. You can find almost any type of business model among our members.
  • What is your privacy policy?
  • Our privacy policy is simple. We will never share your personal and company information or confidential details with anyone.
  • What is your lease termination policy?
  • Our lease termination policy at Executive Office Ginza is minimum two months prior notice.
  • Why do you charge a membership fee?
  • Most office rental companies in Japan charge very expensive fees such as key money, deposit, agent fee, insurance and join fee.
    At Executive Office Ginza we charge only one low-cost Membership Fee one time.
    The cost of joining Executive Office Ginza is lower than that of other support office companies of the same high standing in Japan.
  • Do you have rooms that can accommodate larger groups of people?
  • Yes we have a room that can accommodate up to 16 people and several rooms for up to 2,3,4,6,8 or 10 people at our sister facility Ginza Business Center.
    You can use these rooms for conferences,meetings,training sessions,board meetings,etc.
    Usage of Ginza Business Center is billed based on our point system.
    *For more information about our point system please see the Services and Fees page.*
  • Why should I invest in a separate business address when I can work from my hotel room or a cafe?
  • In Japan having a separate business address is critical as far as establishing credibility in the business community, also for security reasons it is a necessary and negligible expense.
  • Is Ginza a convenient place to establish my business in Tokyo?
  • Ginza is located in the center of Tokyo and is the most prestigious area in all Japan.
    Ginza is convenient from anywhere in Tokyo by train or car and is very convenient to both Narita and Haneda airports.

We are a Service and Hospitality Company not merely an office rental company.