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Executive Office GINZA

Membership Fee 55,000JPY(including consumption tax)(One time only)
Monthly Basic Fee Please ask for current price quote
Please note all fees listed below and on this site in Japanese Yen(JPY).
Executive Office GINZA
High Standard and High Standing Business Suite
  • Private Office Suite
  • Tastefully and Practically Furnished
  • Business Tools
  • Exclusive Telephone Number and Answering Servies

Monthly Basic Fee Covers The Following

Private Office Suite

  • Usage of office suite
    Executive Office Ginza offers private office suites at two different sites in Ginza,Tokyo.
    Our first site is located on the 8th floor of the Yajima building where you will find 14 private executive office suites, all furnished and with individual air conditioning units for your comfort.
    Our second site is located on the 3rd floor of the Fugetsudo building in the same building as our sister facility Ginza Business Center. You will find 11 private executive office suites, furnished and with individual air conditioning units for your comfort.
    Our private office suites are suitable for sole traders, independent contractors, start up companies and of course established companies who are looking to open an office in Ginza.
    Ginza is in the center of Tokyo and is convenient to both airports, trains, shopping and entertainment.
    Ginza is the most prestigious and exclusive location in Tokyo, Japan.
    Upon entering Executive Office Ginza you will immediately notice our high standard and so too will your guests and business partners.
  • Lock and key
    Every tenant at Executive Office Ginza is given their own entrance key and numeric entry code. Security is always a high priority at Executive Office Ginza
  • Office furniture
    Every office suite is tastefully and practically furnished for your comfort.
    You can discuss your furniture requirement with our staff.
    If you have any special requirements, please ask us.
    For example: Desks or tables, and chairs, locking file cabinets etc.
  • Utilities
    Water and electricity are included in the monthly rental fee.
    There are no additional or separate charges for utilities.

Usage of Address

You may use your address at Executive Office Ginza as your registered business address in Japan.You may publish your address on your web site and use it on your printed materials such as your business card and company promotional materials.

Onsite Business Tools and Facilities

  • Telephone
    Every office suite at Executive Office Ginza Yajima building is equipped with a telephone connection. Tenant must subscribe with NTT(Japan Telephone Company).We can assist you in this process. Your company will then be designated its exclusive direct telephone number.
    At Fugetsudo building Executive Office Ginza tenants will be designated an exclusive telephone number directly by Executive Office Ginza. There is no need to subscribe with NTT directly.
  • Document shredder
    We conveniently provide a document shredder for your use free of charge.
  • Parcel delivery lock box
    Executive Office Ginza Yajima building. is equipped with parcel delivery lock boxes on the same floor in our entrance area.
    This means that in your absence the postal delivery service will deposit your package in a secure locked box where you may retrieve it when you arrive.
    At Executive Office Fugetsudo Bldg. your parcels will be received, held and handed directly to you by one of our secretaries.
    In your absence we will notify you by email or telephone when you have received a parcel.
  • Private mailbox
    Every office suite has its own corresponding private mail box.
    You will be given a key or secure numeric code for your mailbox.
  • Internet
    24 hour Unlimited internet access.
    Every office suite and our meeting room at Executive Office Ginza are equipped with a high speed, secure internet line for your convenience and use.
  • B&W and color copier
    B&W Copies at 10 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
    Color Copies at 50 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
  • B&W and color laser printer
    B&W Printing at 10 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
    Color Printing at 50 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
  • Company name plate and intercom
    Every tenant at Executive Office Ginza will be provided a company name plate for display in the entrance and reception area. Your visitors will immediately recognize your company name and call you on the intercom.
  • Our facilities
    Executive Office Ginza Yajima Building has a meeting room which may be used free of charge.
    Please show consideration for other tenants by reserving the room prior to use on the sign in sheet provided in the common area.
    Executive Office Ginza Fugetsudo Building is located just two floors below our sister facility Ginza Business Center.You will be able to reserve a meeting room of various types and sizes on the 5th floor of Fugetsudo Building.
    Every morning the common areas of Executive Office Ginza are professionally cleaned.

Secretary Services

In the event of your absence we can provide you with telephone answering service. Our secretaries will answer your incoming calls with your company name and greeting. This service can be arranged and provided for a service fee:

Usage of Ginza Business Center

As a member of Executive Office Ginza you are entitled to use our sister facility Ginza Business Center.
At Ginza Business Center we have 22 reservable rooms of various sizes including larger rooms for up to 8,10 and 16 people.
You can use these rooms for larger meetings,seminars and company training sessions etc.
Usage of Ginza Business Center is billed based on our point system.
Details of point System:

Rooms for up to 6 people
1 hour = 1 point (15 Minutes = 0.25point)
Rooms for 8-10 people
1 hour = 2 points (15 Minutes = 0.50 point)
Large room for up to 16 people
1 hour = 4 points (15 Minutes = 1.00 point)
Price per 0.25 point is 440 JPY(including consumption tax).
If you have any questions about our point system please see our Services & Fees page for Ginza Business Center or ask our staff.


Executive Office Ginza is a non-smoking environment.
Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere inside Executive Office Ginza.
We greatly appreciate your cooperation in following this simple rule.

Executive Office Ginza Business Hours

  • Executive Office Ginza Yajima Building
    24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Executive Office Ginza Fugetsudo Building
    Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 20:45
    Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

Executive Office Ginza Address and Contact Information

We have two business sites.
Yajima Bldg. 8th.Floor Ginza 7-11-3 has 14 office suites
Fugetsudo Bldg. 3rd. Floor Ginza 6-6-1 has 11 office suites

Executive Office Ginza Yajima Bldg. (5 min. on foot from Fugetsudo Bldg.)
Yajima Bldg. 8th. Floor 7-11-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan

Executive Office Ginza Fugetsudo Bldg.
Ginza Fugetsudo Bldg. 3rd. Floor 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan

Local Dialing / Tel: 0120-264-661 International Dialing / Tel: +81-3-6215-8129
Please email your questions and inquiries to:

We are a Service and Hospitality Company not merely an office rental company.