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GINZA Business Center

Membership Fee 55,000JPY(including consumption tax)(One Time Only)
Monthly Basic Fee Company Business Address
11,000JPY (including consumption tax)
Exclusive Telephone Number and Answering Service
16,500JPY (including consumption tax)
Room Usage (20 points per month)
35,200JPY (including consumption tax)
All Services
55,000JPY (including consumption tax)
Please note all fees listed below and on this site in Japanese Yen(JPY).
Ginza Business Center
Virtual and Hourly Office Space
  • Private Office, Meeting or Seminar Space
  • Company/Business Address
  • Exclusive Telephone Number and Answering Services
  • Receptionist and Secretarial Services
  • Business Tools

Monthly Basic Fee Covers The Following

Room Usage and Point System Explained.

  • Rooms
    We have 22 reservable executive style rooms of various sizes and furnishings which can be used for all your business needs such as desk work, meetings, conferences etc.
    All of our rooms are furnished with modern office furniture, and high speed internet connection, just bring your PC and plug in!
    We keep the highest standard of cleanliness at Ginza Business Center, our rooms are immaculately clean at all times.
    It would be our pleasure to give you a tour of our facilities.
  • Room usage point system
    At Ginza Business Center we use a point system.
    Your monthly basic fee entitles you to 20 points to be used towards room usage.
    Details of point System:
    Rooms for up to 6 people
    1 hour = 1 point (15 Minutes = 0.25point)
    Rooms for 8-10 people
    1 hour = 2 points (15 Minutes = 0.50 point)
    Large room for up to 16 people
    1 hour = 4 points (15 Minutes = 1.00 point)
    All monthly usage of up to 20 points is included in your monthly basic fee.
    If you exceed the 20 points included in the monthly basic fee you will be billed in 0.25 point increments.
    Price per 0.25 point is 440 JPY(including consumption tax) (Usage exceeding 20 points)
  • Room reservation
    You can reserve any one of our 22 rooms in advance by email or telephone. If you do not already have a reservation just ask at our reception and one of our receptionists will be happy to assist you in finding an available and suitable room for your use.

Also Included In Your Monthly Basic Fee Are The Following List Of Services.

Company/Business Address

We will provide your company a business address in Ginza which may be used as your registered business address in Japan.We will also provide your company with its own exclusive telephone and fax number which may be printed on your business cards, brochures and published on your company's web site.

Receptionist Services

Every time you enter Ginza Business Center you will be greeted by one of our receptionists.
Your guests and visitors will also be greeted by our reception staff.Our staff will show your guest directly to your room or direct them to our lounge style waiting area when they arrive early.
You will be notified by our receptionist by phone when your guest has arrived.

Secretarial Services

  • Telephone and answering services
    Every Ginza Business Center member is designated their own exclusive company telephone number and voice mail system.
    During the hours of 9:00 -18:00 Mon.-Fri. incoming calls to your exclusive telephone number will be answered by one of our secretaries using your company name and greeting. This service is included in your monthly basic fee for up to 50 incoming calls per month.
    Calls exceeding the 50 calls limit will be billed at 110 JPY(including consumption tax) per call.
    While you are present at Ginza Business Center, incoming calls will be transferred directly to your room.
    Incoming calls to your exclusive telephone number after 18:00 will be answered automatically by your voice mail system.
  • Notification of calls received
    We will notify you of all calls received by your preferred method.(email or telephone)
    We will notify you of all incoming calls immediately.
    You will be notified immediately of all voice mail messages by email via our computer automated voice mail notification system.
    There is no charge for call and voice mail notification services.
  • Voice mail system
    At Ginza Business Center all members are equipped with our voice mail system,your calls will never go unanswered. Includes notification of voice mail messages recorded.
  • Fax
    We will receive and hold confidential all your company faxes until you arrive at Ginza Business Center.
    While away from Ginza Business Center you will be notified of all faxes received
    immediately and free of charge.
    We also offer fax forwarding service to your preferred email address free of charge.
  • Parcels and mail
    We will receive all your company parcels and mail and hold confidential until you arrive at Ginza Business Center.
    While away from Ginza Business Center you will be notified of all mail and parcels received within 3 hours of receipt free of charge(During business hours).
    We also offer mail and parcel forwarding services.
    Our secretaries will readdress and forward your packages and mail to you.
    (Standard postal rates will apply + 220 JPY(including consumption tax) readdressing/packaging fee).

Onsite Business Tools and Office Equipment

  • Telephone
    All rooms in Ginza Business Center are equipped with a telephone.
    Inbound calls are free of charge.
    Outbound Calls(Standard telephone company rates will apply.)
  • Fax machine
    Receiving faxes free of charge.
    Sending faxes at 10 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet(Domestic call).
  • B&W and color laser printer
    B&W Printing at 10 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
    Color Printing at 50 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
  • Portable whiteboard
    Free of charge.
    "note" some of our rooms are already equipped with permanent whiteboards.
  • PC projector, Liquid crystal display
    Free of charge.
  • 80 inch screen
    Free of charge.
  • Internet
    All rooms in Ginza Business Center are equipped with high speed, high security broadband internet connection. Wired and Wi-Fi.
    Unlimited usage free of charge.
    Just bring your laptop pc and connect it's that simple.
    We have LAN cables and multi-connection hubs.
    Free of charge.
  • B&W and color copier
    B&W Copies at 10 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
    Color Copies at 50 JPY(including consumption tax) per sheet.
  • Document shredder
    Free of charge.
  • Copyboard
    Our 8,10 and 16 person rooms are equipped with copy whiteboards.
    Write and print out directly from the whiteboard.


  • Waiting area and customer lounge
    Our waiting area is furnished with world famous Cassina leather sofas.
    There is no charge for using the lounge and waiting area.
  • Executive men's and ladies' washrooms
    Our restrooms are cleaned constantly throughout the day to ensure your comfort.
  • Storage cabinets
    Our facilities are equipped with 2 different size lockable storage cabinets.
    Available on a monthly rental basis.
    Store your documents, laptop pc and personal effects safely and conveniently for your use at Ginza Business Center.
    Large size storage cabinet priced at 6,600 JPY(including consumption tax) per month.
    Standard size storage cabinet priced at 3,300 JPY(including consumption tax) per month.

Drink Service

You can order drinks directly from your room by simply picking up the phone and dialing 99. One of our receptionists will bring drinks for you and your guest directly to your room.
All drinks are 150 JPY(including consumption tax).
List of drinks include:
Hot tea, Iced tea(Slightly Sweetened Tea)
Hot coffee(Starbucks Beans), Iced coffee
Hot or cold Japanese tea (green tea)
Hot camomile tea, Hot peppermint tea
Mineral water
Orange juice


It is not permitted to bring in any outside food or beverages into Ginza Business Center.
No Food of any kinds may be consumed inside Ginza Business Center.
Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere inside Ginza Business Center!
We greatly appreciate your cooperation in following these simple rules.

Ginza Business Center Hours

  • Opening hours including room use, receptionist and secretarial services
    Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 20:45
  • Telephone answering service
    Your calls answered by secretary: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00
    Your calls answered by voice mail: All other times
  • Ginza Business Center is closed on Sundays and National Holidays.

Ginza Business Center Address and Contact Information

Ginza Business Center
Ginza Fugetsudo Bldg. 5th Floor 6-6-1 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
Local Dialing / Tel: 0120-264-661 International Dialing / Tel: +81-3-6215-8121
Please email your questions and inquiries to:

We are a Service and Hospitality Company not merely an office rental company.